Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That grinding sound...

It happens when good bearings go bad. The bright shiny new one is there for comparison purposes, and the not so pretty one should have been replaced a little earlier. New noises coming from your bicycle are sometimes trying to tell you something. We're fluent in bicycle noises and can translate. Usually the bike is just asking for a little adjustment.

Monday, January 5, 2009

After the Snow Falls

Despite the falls best efforts, all those unexpected dry sunny days that left us wondering when the other shoe was going to drop, well as evidenced by the last month of weather, the other shoe dropped, damn near punched through the floor. Old man weather did his part in "Keeping Portland Weird" with some unexpected snow weeks. I would like nothing more to declare the end of snow days but unfortunately my grasp of Hydrometeorology ends with Wikipedia . What I do know is that winter riding is something akin to boot camp for our bicycles, what is going to breakdown will and parts are being put to the test. Our eagle eyed mechanics have snapped a few shots that exemplify the quick and extreme wear that can occur on our trusted winter steads.

Pay special attention to the slight disk of metal in the center of the pad, this is the beginning of the brake pad post, metal on metal contact does not make for an optimal braking system. Note the extended lip indicating that part of the pad was not striking the rim. Reports from the field are telling us that this "hyper" lip can cause a brake system to clamp on to a rim for life, recalling the obstinate ways of the noble badger, some have even refereed to this as badger braking.

Winter's wet grim effects are not limited to breaking systems. The hard working drive train of your bicycle will take a beating.

Note the sharp pointed peaks of this chain ring, winter can be a great way to help you turn your bicycle equipment into facsimiles of ninja weapons but for most of us this is at best only a secondary goal. It is important to be aware of over lubricating your drive train, excess lubricant will attract grit and debris to your drive train. The lube that you use on your chain wasn't rough and grimy when you applied it, the excess lube becomes an adhesive, morphing your chain into a mobius sandpaper strip. Here is a tip, when applying lubricant only apply it to the chain, walk away from your bike for a couple of minutes allowing the lube to penetrate your chain, come back to your bike with an old rag and remove the excess lube.


I want to share a couple of hot items that we have in the store with you lucky lucky people.

2007 Specialized Langster Comps. WHOA!

Check the drivetrain; Sugino 75's, Sugino BB, Izumi Super Toughness NJS chain. Hot!
This thing looks mean, and if you are into getting it painted we will strip it down and rebuild it for you at no extra cost. Yes we are mad men, pretty soon we are going to have commercials made with exotic animals as co-hosts.
Price on these boys. $700.00, YEP. Originally these hot little numbers went for $1200.00. We have two 54cm and two 56cm bikes in stock so come in and get ready yourself ready for the track.

For those of you who are a little taller and are into getting a little dirty I have a nice little number you should check out.

61cm of pure cyclocross magic. I raced on the single speed version of this frame last season, lets just say "loved it." If you are looking for a commuting, racing, forest parking machine and your tall enough that you always enjoy the alpine air then come check this thing out.

Carbon fork. Bam!! Carbon Seat post. Double Bam !!!!Okay so this is an 2006 Specialized Tricross Comp 61cm. Take this beauty off of our hands, closeout price $300.00

See you next time