Saturday, February 27, 2010

Portland in Bloom: my ride to work

My Scandinavian brother.

I LOVE Bassets.

Married Kyle got off the beard train and boarded the mustache express. I am a fan.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shop dog

He wants duck chunks and butt rubs....that's all.
Kato is the best! No, not Kato from the O.J. trial, Kato, the best shop dog of all time. Add him to the list of the men in my life... he's near the top, but don't tell the other guys that. They may get J. It's nice being the only girl working with a bunch of guys. It's like having a bunch of big brothers.... who play jokes on me.... and make fun of me..... and put gum in my hair. Kato doesn't, although he doesn't have thumbs and is not supposed to chew gum, but if he did and could I would like to think he wouldn't do any of those things, but you never know.

measure that

This must be what construction workers do in the off season.

The great pretender

Here is Clazy, our "apprentice", pretending to work on his own bike. Pay no attention to the guy with the tool in his hand standing in the background waiting for Clazy to move.

Keep the pirates off of the hairship!

I think there is a smile hiding under that beard somewhere. Kyle V. built a wheel set for Steve to put on his sweet Ira Ryan. Every time I see his bike it reminds me of some old time hockey jersey.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a motley crue

Today was really warm. In your face Fargo. Nice weather brings out the bikes, although I think it's safe to say this group probably rides rain or shine. Needless to say we were jealous.

pret- a- porter

Tommy here is a head of his time in the fashion world. I would say "it's so hot in Milan right now" but Milan isn't ready for this fire truck/water safety combo.

E.D. go home

Why is it that this saddle, that was designed to help erectile dysfunction, looks like it has erectile dysfunction. Kyle V. is yelling "transference" at me from across the room.

Just a friendly reminder....

.... our overhaul special is going on until the end of the month. Click HERE for details.

Atlin's new bike vol.2

Atlin tearing up the box.
Here's a picture of Atlin's bike in the stand. I wanted to get a group picture of all my bros so I asked them to get in the picture. Looking good. Don't you love what Atlin did with the bar tape?

London to Paris

My friend, Geoff, at SRAM sent me this. A heads up to all in Chicago, you know who you are. Go here. Watch this. Meet sweet peeps.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Short people

We love you, Rubin. It's Randy Newman who hates you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love My Bike

Clazy, groin, and co.

I was surfing the web,because that's what cool people do, surf, and I went to a site called I Love My Bike. It's a book of pictures of people with their trusty steed. While I was there I saw a few friends and I wanted you to look at them. Pay special attention to their faces. Jordan and Carey are definitely smiling. Jermey.... not so much. I am going to file that under S for smirk. Clazy is always grabbing himself so that's nothing new, but that expression is a new one. Haven't seen that one before. Patrick looks pretty serious. Mashing is serious business.

Marcus Carhlot'sTour de France

saw this gem on tracko

Atlin's "new to him" Bike

A friend of the shop, Verg, was being sweet and gave Atlin his old P3 frame. That got Atlin super stoked and then he chest bumped everyone in sight.

World's Biggest Little Man

Rubin is the man! He showed up to our event, guest MCed, threw out sweet SWAG, called the crowd hipsters, and then disappeared into the night with his mom. I want to be like him when I grow up.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bridgetown Hustle through the lens of Stacy Schrag

Wow, that was a lot of fun! If you didn't know we here at 21st throw sweet, sweet bike events and this one was a humdinger. Kyle L., Ben (from Nemo Design), and I (Amanda) finished setting up at the last minute which made me nervous.... and when I get nervous I get gassy, but that's neither here nor there. Regardless, it all happened just as I hoped it would. We had a huge turnout. The first night, at Nemo, started off with a bike art show, then a bunny hop comp, followed by sprints. So many people were sprinting that we had to move the trick comp to the second day, but no one seemed to mind. The second day was Gremlin TT, trick comp (freewheel and fixed), and a DH slalom. We finished it all off with vegan waffles! So sweet. Stacy Schrag took 550 pictures, but here are a handful. See more of his pictures HERE.
See Ben Guernsey's pictures HERE.
Tonic Fabrication was in the house both days. Check out their pictures and recap HERE.