Monday, January 25, 2010

be rad on your bike vol.3

Do this. Be sweet.

We are prepared

Stop letting the water get you wet.

All smiles on the Haul

Isn't Atlin cute? We received the Globe Haul the other day and Atlin threw on some gear so we can see a mock up of what a commuter may look like. If you like, you can copy this image and then photo shop your face over Atlin's to see what you would look like on this bike. That's what I would do. Enough about Atlin, here's what Globe has to say about the Haul:

  • Beautiful Elm wood deck adds to the function of the rear rack - holds 40kg
  • Globe classic aluminum fenders are color matched with custom chevron detail
  • Shimano Alivio 8-speed rear derailleur and double front crank are tough and precise
  • Body Geometry Fitness saddle with front and rear bumpers for comfort where it counts
  • Double-walled 700c rims with machined sidewalls offer durability in a lightweight profile
  • Slim and effective color-matched alloy chainguard keeps your duds clean
  • Globe A1 Premium Aluminum frame with custom tubing and butting profiles; sturdy integrated rack makes loaded transport simple, secure and easy
  • Folding alloy kickstand
  • Globe City grips deliver form, fit and function in one simple design
  • Form-fit LED tail light with steady and flashing functions; front light integrated into handlebar stem for visibility
Retails for $630

Put your hands on these

We know how important it is to color coordinate your bicycle. It is a proven fact that a bike with a thought out color scheme will perform better, faster, and longer, than a bike that clashes. Don't look it up. Just trust me on this one. It is because of this scientific FACT that we stock so many rad colors.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rubin: the 20 year old 11 year old

Rub's new headset.

He's so good he doesn't even need to look at what he is doing.
So cute.
Rubin is the man, which is a little strange seeing as how he is 11. We are going to have a couple of apprentices that we bringing into the shop. Clay is one and Rubin is the other. I thought I was going to die when I saw him in his little apron. So cute. I am not the only who thinks so. He will be appearing in the movie Extraordinary Measures as the boy in a clam suit. I am going to watch it ONLY to see Rubin, I suggest you do the same.

No Fakengers here

Mitch called me up and asked me if I needed anymore pallets for the berm we were building. I said yes thinking that he was maybe going to bring them over in a car to my house or tell us where to get them seeing as how we have access to trucks. No, that was not the case. He strapped them to his back and rode it on his brakeless Hufnagel to the shop. Well done, friend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Stretch Stuff

Hey, you may not know this, but we stretch tubulars. We have been stretching them for a few months now. The longer the better, I'm told. Knowing is half the battle. Thanks, G.I. Joe.
Speaking of stretching, I am at 1 1/8" and Atlin had to drop down from 1 1/4" to 1" due to unhappy lobes.

Hubs?! I got your hubs right here, buddy.

When you get a wheel set built up here at 21st, you get so much more than just wheels. You don't just pick out the wheel set in a line up and say, "those are the ones." like you do when you buy online. You get to communicate what you want and what kind of riding you do to the ACTUAL person who will be building them. Who knows, you may even make a friend. We are all friendly people here. Really friendly. Atlin will rub your back. He doesn't know it yet, but just ask him. I am sure he'll be down. If you buy the hubs, rims, and spokes with us the build is free. After your wheels are built and your back is rubbed, go riding. After about a month or so of riding bring them back in to get the spokes retensioned. Now ask yourself, will buying online do all that for you? Will the computer hi-five you? Will it true your wheel? Will it work out that knot in your left shoulder? I think not, my friend. I think not.

The City That Works....

....right in front of your business for a week.........
..... and blocks your sidewalk.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Forever Rad

Yeah.... he's our boss. I know, right?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

keeping you entertained with depressing cartoons

Mitch Byer's Hardshell Review

Mitch is rad, but if you read this blog you probably already know that. Awhile back he picked up a Conti Gator Hardshell. We asked him to write a review after he had ridden on it for awhile. Here it is:
I recently got my hands on a Hufnagel track bike for an amazing price that I couldn't pass up on. While putting it together I found that my rear 28c Vittoria Randonneur wouldn't fit in the drop outs because of the tight clearance. I went over to 21st Ave Bicycles to see what type of tire suited my fancy. I saw the Continental Gator Hardshell and was interested in it right away due to it coming in 700x23c. The Hardshell is pretty similar to the Gatorskin, but has a thicker, stickier mold to it. Putting the tire on it slid on my rim without me having to put up a fight at all, which as many of you know is always a nice feeling. First time riding it on the street it was a typical rainy Portland day. I wanted to see how it would hold up for some short skids. Right away it stuck like crazy, even with the roads being wet. A few days into this tire I started to do some laps at Mt. Tabor. It was beautiful to have on the shortened more curvier route because of how grippy and fast the tire is. After a few weeks it has become a tire with completely predictable skids, uncanny grip on dry as well as wet pavement, and the security of having the "hardshell" to eliminate just about anything on the street without getting a puncture in it. I am fairly hard on everything that I own, especially on tires. It has blown my mind for a rear tire!

The goods: Comes in many different sizes, very easy to put on, has a thick shell for puncture protection, very grippy.

The bads: If you're not used to grippy tires, it may take a little while to get used to.

Overall: It is an amazing tire. I am totally bought on it and will most definitely stick to the Hardshell. I recommend this to all roadies who ride through the winter, or anyone who wants a durable, grippy tire that comes in steel, kevlar, or a foldable bead.

Speaking of tools...

We've got you covered.

Now with more awesome!

The 3 Wrencho is a super sweet tool, much like Kyle V. It now come coated with nylon, unlike Kyle V., so you no longer have to worry about scraping the paint off of your pink Deep Vs.


I was tempted to leave him locked there

That's me doing my best Superman impression and that's Atlin with the Kryptonite lock belt. So you get it right, please? If not just forget you know about this blog. Basically what we are trying to convey here is that if a Kryptonite lock is strong enough to defeat the likes of Superman then the average everyday bike thief might just pass out when confronting this beast, seriously. As a side note, Atlin is actually chained to the security bar and after this shoot we decided to leave him hanging, har har.
Here's some lock info:
  • 12mm six-sided, chain links made of 3t hardened manganese steel for maximum strength
  • Durable, protective nylon cover with Hook-n-Loop fasteners to hold in place
  • Includes Evolution series 4 Disc Lock with 14mm MAX-Performance steel shackle:
  • Higher security disc-style cylinder with more than 1 million key variations
  • Patented*, oval hardened steel crossbar for extra security
  • Hardened double deadbolt locking for extensive holding power
  • Reinforced anti-drill/pull cylinder protection system
  • Sliding dustcover protects and extends cylinder life
  • 3 keys - one lighted with high intensity bulb & replaceable battery
Lock retails for $90.00
Here's a song about Superman that sucks:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

quite right

Specialized BG Grips

These extremely comfortable, triple density ergonomic grips are anatomically designed to help cyclists ride longer by reducing hand numbness and fatigue.

  • Unique ergonomic design mates seamlessly to the shape of cyclists' hands
  • Medically designed by ergonomic specialist Dr. Roger Minkow to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and cycling-related numbness/weakness of the hands, known as Cyclist's Palsy
  • Flexible, ergonomically-shaped platform acts as a shock absorber and disperses pressure
  • Softest density in key contact area to cushion the ulnar nerve
  • Medium density body for secure grip
  • Firmest density inner core for secure bar attachment
  • Easily installed locking clamp ensures secure attachment
  • BG Contour "Regular" Locking Grip - Suitable for majority of riders
  • BG Contour "Narrow" Locking Grip - Smaller diameter for more aggressive riding styles or for cyclists with smaller hands
  • Retails for $30

Urban Velo: free, but only for you

I was surprised to find the Urban Velo package smaller than it usually is. When I opened it up, I was bombarded with color. Holy cow, my eyes are fittinta explode out of my head.... in a good way. I guess the pages aren't as thick with color than they are with black and white. Huh. Kooky.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deal of the year: $100 ovehaul

Where have all the cyclist gone? Now we know that the cold winter weather generally has an adverse on our desire to ride bicycles. This is prima facie, now it could be that its not only the cold, it could be that your bike needs some love and attention. Hey we love working on bicycles, and it gets a little slow around here during the winter, so we decided to run a little incentive program, do something special. Until some point in the future we are running this special, $100 Winter Overhaul, BAM BAM BAM!!! Normally a overhaul goes for $200 but since it is a new year, and a great year for biking( we can see into the future here), we want to start your bike off on the right foot. In an overhaul we strip your bike down to the frame. We deep clean the drive train in our biodegradable heated degreasing tank. While your drive train is taking a jacuzzi, we clean the frame and overhaul the headset, bottom bracket, and both hubs. We will build your bike up with new cables and housing, what a way to start the year. Keep in mind that we do apply a $40.00 parts allowance to your repair, because who wants to have a clean bike with dirty cables.
Bearings may be worn out and we have new shiny ones. Even though you won't be able to see the shiny, your going to feel it.
Brakes wear out and need to be replaced. This pad went a little too long without replacement. If you are unsure if your pads need to be replaced ask us, that's why we are here.
And this one of the differences you will notice. It will look like a new bike and when you take it out you will shine too with a smile of delight. Call ahead to make an appointment (503-222-2851) or drop your bike of for us to get started.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rack lonely?

Atlin is not being creepy. I think he was tired of me taking his picture so much today. We mounted the Axiom Laurentian ( I know, it sounds like a french mad scientist, but it is not.) on a rack to show you just how easy it is.
Here's the back side. You can mount lights on it! Sweet!
Keep your sammy's cool.
Here is how it attached to your rack. Simple, you say? Yeah.... it is.
Then, here's the kicker, when you want to go in somewhere you just attach the provided strap and you are on your way! Here's me with a strap on. So sweet. With 366 cubic inches this sac is no slouch. It retails at $39.99.

you are halfway here

Atlin, so nice I had to take his picture twice, is here with the Giant Halfway. Where can I get one of my own, you ask? Here, for the screaming deal of $500. Holy cow!

Giant says: Off the train. Up the escalator. On the street. Open the bike. Lock & load. Hit the pavement. Office real small? Fold this clever commuter and pack it away. Ask for a raise because you’re so smart.
  • 7-speed shifting to get up, down and all-around the city
  • Single-sided stays for quick-and-easy wheel removal
  • 20-inch wheels for quick and nimble around-town commuting
  • Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Wizard of Oz has got nothing on us

    Pink: the new black
    If this pile of merch was a ninja turtle, it would be Leonardo.
    Looking at this hurts my head. Please get it out of here.

    Love your bike, please

    when i saw this i had to document it and file it under; what not to do. when you lube your chain you should always spend some time wiping the excess off or else it will attract dirt and act as a liquid sand paper on you drive train. don't be that dude.
    be this dude.