Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bone Jammer

This here gem is a picture of Kyle V. killing a turn better than anyone else, his form is by-the-book! Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships, 2008.

Snowy Portland

Monday, December 28, 2009

mind blower

Florent Soulas in LR from adrien delaforcade on Vimeo.

French Waffles and Razor Scooters. BON!

Mael, one of the kids I photo bombed last week, is selling french waffles in front of the shop with his sister and cousin. Don't worry, they are french so the waffles are authentic. Here he is getting lifted. Sweet air, Mael.

Patrick's new bike

the bike
the man
the myth

Patrick (don't call him Patches... he hates it) works at our sister shop, The Fat Tire Farm. Wait there's more. For Christmas his loving girlfriend got him a wee little bike and in our opinion he rides with his seat way too high, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, she was "sneaky", got a hold of our boss, and paid for it with out Patches.... I mean, Patrick knowing about it. I was a way J. For Christmas my girlfriend got me some new sponges so I can wash the dishes. He wins.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dreams DO come true

Take it in.

Staying true.

Jordan doesn't know Mitch because this custom built bike wasn't made for him, but Christmas came, well, right on time for Mitch when be bought the frame and fork from the owner for an amazing price. He was in today swapping over his parts from his bareknuckle to his amazing Hufnagel. Congrats, Mitch.

New Bench: In Atlin's Words

Here at 21st we wanted to get more people on there bikes and keep them on them as much as possible. We are getting prepared for the 2010 bike season and are starting out with another work bench so we can bust out more repairs then ever before. As you can see we chose Pedro's for the tool wall. There are many reasons we did this but it boils down to the lifetime warranty and they continually are using recycled materials. We just feel every bench needs a straw hat. We will be prepared for all you riders this summer and will get you going faster than ever.

Tire Fur

If your tires look like this, get new ones. Tire fur, although it looks cute and makes them soft to the touch, is not a desirable feature for your tires to possess.

Test it,Testers

Atlin, looking pretty tough, and Clazy, sporting blue steel, are pictured here with the Blackburn Flea. The have graciously accepted the task of testing it out for a couple of weeks and then they will do a write up to let us know what they thought. I was surprised Clazy was involved because I didn't think he could read or write. Maybe he'll do a secretarial letter dictation or something along those lines. Who knows? Maybe he will just draw us a picture. A smiley face perhaps. I know I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tony, Toni, Tone

Stone cold brother.
I don't know about ya'lls UPS guy, but ours, Tony, KILLS IT all day, everyday.... except Sunday. UPS doesn't kick it on the sabbath.


Giant is being sweet and sponsoring the Backyard Blam with bikes!! The Blam's headquarters is here at 21st Ave Bicycles. One, because we work here and two, because this is the sweetest shop. There are two of the Bowrey '84s. The one pictured above, which is a 2010, and the other is a white 2009. These are first place sprint prizes for the Blam's February event, Bridgetown Hustle. Spin to win, baby.

Attention to detail

Sorry Alice, I had to.

This is Alex (Alice) from team Double Tap. He's a smart guy....really. Which is why we were surprised to see him install his cranks like this, twice. Bless his heart. I think he misunderstood how to bunny hop.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bikes are fun...mmmmmm k

We here at 21st understand that there is more than one way to have fun on a bike. Example: see above pictures. We ride fixed gears, mountain bikes, road bike, dirt jumpers, cruisers, cross bikes, ect. I know there are a lot of people who ride ONLY fixed or ONLY road (you know who you are, Alex). I (Amanda) was one of those onlys. Fixed. That's all I wanted and living in Chicago made that an easy decision, being flat and all. Since I moved here to BEAUTIFUL Portland and started working at 21st, my eyes have seen the light. I owe much of that to Kyle and Kyle. They got me on some different bikes and in no time I was shredding the gnar and having a whole different kind of fun I didn't even know I could have (I am from Fargo, ND. There is not even one hill there). So, reader, open your mind and sweet times will follow.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A night with Vanilla Bicycles

Kyle L., Jared(Kyle's roommate and cyclepath employee), Uma, and I (Amanda) went to Vanilla Bicycles to see photos of the Giro d'Italia taken by photographer Dan Sharp. We ran into fellow 21ster, Kyle V. and he was ready for a night of wonder. We all were.

Vanilla has a different kind of filing system. HA! I crack me up.
Kyle V., some guy who he thinks is funny, Kyle L., and Jared
Frame alignment tool.

We parted ways with Kyle V. and ended the evening off at a new bar called Maui's. Kyle L. described the bar as what a dive bar looks like when everything is new in it. He then proceeded to make all of us look like we never played a game of pool in our lives. We might have had something to do with that too.

Friday, December 18, 2009

21st Academy 6

Check it at 2:49 "Target Human Destroy"

If your like me that video makes you want this all day long

Chair Affair


On Thursday, April 8th, the Communtiy Warehouse will be hosting the 2010 CHAIR AFFAIR+. This is their 4th year is sure to be their biggest and best. That is important because the community needs for basic home furnishings are greater. They have 100 artists excited about creating works to raise money so the Warehouse can continue to help 70 families each week AND MORE.

This year artists are encouraged to think outside the chair. That is the +. Their creations can be chairs, other portable basic home furnishings (tables, mirrors, and the like) or furniture-themed art. They will be beautiful, useable, delightful and spectacular.

The event is Thursday evening, April 8. There will be plenty of food and drink. AND LOTS TO LOOK AT AND BUY.

The works will again be shown in the store windows of Mario's and PH Reed and a TBD space for preview.

This is Roz, she has a heart of gold and a smile that breaks hearts, come and help her support the Community Warehouse at there annual fundraiser, April 8th 2010. That's right we are ahead of the game.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

He's tough

PUSH PULL from Landis Fields on Vimeo.

Sun and rain in your eyes? No problem.

Hats are the answer! Priced from $15-$23 they make a great inexpensive gift for the holidays. Stop letting the elements beat your head up and go get a hat. Why don't ya?

Be rad on your bike continued

Banjos aren't just for strummin'

QR WATERPROOF HANDLEBAR BAG, LG. - Waterproof Quick-Release Handlebar Bag-- A super-affordable, yet totally bomber QR handlebar bag that’s completely waterproof. The ingenious design uses the same bag-in-a-bag design as our backpacks letting the outside liner take all the abuse while the interior compartment stays protected and dry.

* 8"H x 9"L x 6"W - 430 Cubic Inches
* Solid Quick-release handlebar attachment - no lower straps required
* Rugged 840 denier fabric, rigid polymer liner and steel reinforcement strip
* Replaceable waterproof liner
* Removable clear map pocket
* Twin mesh side pockets for quick access
On sale for $41.99

yeah, i don't know either

This kid kind of freaked me out, but I felt compelled to take his picture. He left as quickly as he arrived, but his visit will haunt me for days.

Park Tools

On sale for $40 the Park Pack Mini Tool Kit is the perfect holiday gift for the bicycle enthusiast in your life.
Park Tools description:
The PPM-3 is a collection of high quality tools that are lightweight, compact, and perfect for taking on rides. Includes CT-6 Folding Chain Tool, TL-1 Tire Levers, Double-Ended Spoke Wrench, #297 Open End Wrench (8, 9, 10mm), IB-1 Mini Fold Up Hex Wrench/Screwdriver Set, GP-2 Pre-Glued Patch Kit, and TB-1 Tire Boot. The tools all fit neatly into a nylon tool wallet that slips easily into a jersey pocket or seat pack.

Glove love

Get yourself a pair of these LOVE HATE gloves by Knog. I mean it. Come in and buy these. We have two pairs left, a medium and a large, and they are on sale for $25. Not only are they great for riding bike, but they are awesome for hi-fives.