Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Loving

Summer is here, well kind of, May was a promising start with all that wonderful sunshine but now we are deep into June Gloom. 6/11/2009 wah wah.Before you start to hang up your bike and forget that summer happened remember its light out until 9:30. So there is plenty of time to head out on a ride after work. At least that is the positive line of reasoning that we hope helps to reinvigorate the busy season.

Things have been going well here in 21st Avenue Bicycle land. Something that you might have noticed is that we have changed the location of the front door.This has done an amazing thing, not only were we able to create more usable shop space, but we also created more usable floor space and a better register position. We have added an additional repair stand and we are looking to add another. This means you are going to spend less time waiting for your bike. At the moment we have a 24 to 48 hour turn around on all repair bicycles and our aim is to keep it that way.

Here is something for you bike geeks out there. Shop friend and local bicycle building phenom Ira Ryan dropped off a newly painted show bike to display in the shop. We figured Ira's bikes are pretty cool and if we could send some folks his way while drawing some other people our way, why not? This thing is like Hitchcock's "The Birds"

Check out the detail. Perfect for swarming the track or pecking your way through down town traffic.There are some items that just aren't working out they way that we had hoped. Camouflage sales have slowed to a crawl and well we would love to see, or not see wink wink, some of you wonderful people out there roaming the great northwest in American made Chrome messenger bags and backpacks. In addition to the bags all of our Chrome laptop sleeves are on sales, so protect your truth box with one of these little padded bodyguards.
See you soon.

21st Ave