Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Talk about a white Christmas. As much as I loved the snow it feels good to get back to the gray drizzle of a Portland winter. At least it makes it much easier to get to work and back.
Thanks to modern science 21st Avenue Bicycles was able to capture some rare images of 21st Ave.

Hugh engaged in a friendly snowball fight with Ling Gardens. 97209 Vs 97210- 97209 brings the icy fury.

You know when you go to a carnival or state fair and they have all those games that are impossible to win; coin toss, ring toss, that ladder on a swivel, dart toss, feats of strength, that squirt gun horse race, all designed to take your money while simultaneously shrinking your ego in front of your quickly becoming ex-future girlfriend? Hanging above all these games were the monsterous stuffed animals, tender giants to be held high, a beacon to the rest of the crowds that you have beaten the nefarious carnies at their own game, that it can be done, and on your face beams the triumphant smile of a champion. I don't know what challenges this man has faced but he carried the dog like a champion, charging blissfully through the snow.

How about this little number. The blogosphere was buzzing with news of a Nordic tracking machine laying in routes if the snow stuck around in to the new year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Blizzard of Ozsome


21st Avenue Bicycles welcomes you to the winter wonderland that is Portland Oregon. Upper management is kicking itself for not investing in the burgeoning cross country ski market that is sure to explode in 2009.

Here is a little snapshot of what nature has for 21st Ave. Break out the SPF 40 its going to be a scorcher.

The way I understand it, graffiti is a way to claim existence and social ownership of an area, the scribbling of ones person, a physical claim. Here we see the stamp of an otherwise unnoticed being, laying ownership on an faceless locked black door. As a side note, this door leads no where and is boarded up from the inside. No entrance, door as metaphor? You decide.

Our team of specialists work tirelessly to give you the best in bicycles service, as we strive to be the best sometimes our mechanics take extra measures in order to complete our work. Here Hugh takes on a different character, putting himself into an out of body state, today he wore the traditional garb of a the mid-nineties bay area shaman, in hopes that it would help him in his quest to better repair the many bikes of that era.

Holidays, truly the time for gluttony. This is where it all starts

This little package showed up today from the island country of Japan.

Inside? The Japanese Bicycle Guide, featuring all your favorite cold forged goodies form the land of the rising sun.

The book is sponsored by the "subsidy of Keirin." Keirin racing is a huge betting sport in Japan, kind of like this,

Get lucky.

Speaking of lucky? Tad dropped off one of his racks today, Handmade in Portland. $179.99 of stainless steel portuer panache.

Tis the season

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello December. Wow, the weather in Portland this fall has continued to blow me away. Clear fall light for my morning commute, thank you very much.

I plucked this from the fixed-mag website, pretty awesome.

BERLIN KEIRIN AD from Danny Baarz on Vimeo.

Reminds me of Jonathan Glazer's work,

How do you even begin, so many things to think about. If you have a bike nut to shop for then check out all the bright colored goodies we have in the shop.

Cycling caps, keep the rain out of your eyes, the wind out of your hair, and add come color to your commute. These little guys are meant to be stuffed in a jersey pocket so they shouldn't mind spending some time in a stocking.

Check out the rainbow selection of Chrome bags. Chrome bags have a lifetime warranty and have a seamless construction making them very waterproof. Oh yeah and they are spot on with their color ways.

The color train keeps on rolling, if that special some one would rather add a splash of color to a bike then a wheel set built with Velocity Deep V's is going to do that in a big way. If you buy a complete component package from us then we build the wheels for free. You save $100.00 on a custom wheel set.

If practicality is your concern then maybe some tools are in order, it hasn't started raining yet but when it does bikes take a beating, when your goal is to ride through the winter it helps if your bike is able to keep up with you.