Saturday, January 9, 2010

Deal of the year: $100 ovehaul

Where have all the cyclist gone? Now we know that the cold winter weather generally has an adverse on our desire to ride bicycles. This is prima facie, now it could be that its not only the cold, it could be that your bike needs some love and attention. Hey we love working on bicycles, and it gets a little slow around here during the winter, so we decided to run a little incentive program, do something special. Until some point in the future we are running this special, $100 Winter Overhaul, BAM BAM BAM!!! Normally a overhaul goes for $200 but since it is a new year, and a great year for biking( we can see into the future here), we want to start your bike off on the right foot. In an overhaul we strip your bike down to the frame. We deep clean the drive train in our biodegradable heated degreasing tank. While your drive train is taking a jacuzzi, we clean the frame and overhaul the headset, bottom bracket, and both hubs. We will build your bike up with new cables and housing, what a way to start the year. Keep in mind that we do apply a $40.00 parts allowance to your repair, because who wants to have a clean bike with dirty cables.
Bearings may be worn out and we have new shiny ones. Even though you won't be able to see the shiny, your going to feel it.
Brakes wear out and need to be replaced. This pad went a little too long without replacement. If you are unsure if your pads need to be replaced ask us, that's why we are here.
And this one of the differences you will notice. It will look like a new bike and when you take it out you will shine too with a smile of delight. Call ahead to make an appointment (503-222-2851) or drop your bike of for us to get started.

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