Friday, March 12, 2010

Park's forced smile

This is Park. He's our boss. He belongs to Kato. I would've posted pictures of him before, but he moves quickly like a gazel and it is hard to capture him on film or in this case digi. Now, we are all caught up. Above is his first (and a tad bit early) attempt to settle into his Spring/Summer attire. I thought that once he made the transition into flipity flops there was no going back. I guess that's not the case. If you see him on the street make sure you stop him and give him a super firm handshake. Don't break eye contact and if he trys to let go squeeze a little harder. He'll really like that. Again, his name is Park and in a couple weeks he should be wearing shorts and flip flops. Look for him.

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fotoconn said...

Dear Park,

I am a patron of 21st Ave bicycles and I appreciate all the wonderful employees that work there. Although I must say that 10 am is quite a lazy hour to be opening a bike shop.
Especially EVERY DAY

So how about 8 or 9?


20th ave and Johnson St. (RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER)