Monday, May 3, 2010

Can you hear me Sun?


Yes May! So here we are May 3rd and the rains are still coming down furiously. Last night a potent rain wind combo woke me from my slumber around 3:31am. Its cool because I have felt like I have been going into work on Mondays with too much energy. It is true that here in Portland we don't really start counting on sunny days until after the 4th of July. Still the days are getting longer and the sun breaks we are looking for seem to be happening with increased frequency. Last weekend we all went out on our bikes, road riding, city riding, mountain riding, we do it all here at the shop. We hope you too had a wonderful weekend.

Being that the days are getting longer and we hope that more people are going to be out riding their bikes we want to help ensure that you will continue to ride your bikes. So for the month of May we are going to have all of our in-store helmets marked 10% off or more. Ok we know that helmets don't visually add to your head the way a nice pair of sunglasses or well trimmed goat tee might but in the end the helmet may be the most fashionable accessory you could own, you know because thinking is very attractive. In addition, the more people we get wearing helmets this less self conscious we will all feel, think about it, its like in primordial times when people first started having noses, at some point we hit a tipping point and then everyone had one, right? So do your head and your future a favor, pick up a helmet, lets get to that tipping point and it just so happens that we have some of them on sale.

In other and equally important news, our own Amanda S, aka Poppa Christine, aka Mandy Christine, aka Scandinavian Thriller, aka Hope's Last Stand, has just informed us the the next Backyard Blam is going to take place on the 28th of August. BOOM! Check her blog and check back here for updates.


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DRjr said...

If you guys were to make a well-trimmed goat tee, I would totally buy one. Heck, I'd probably buy one if it wasn't well trimmed. Basically, I'm asking you to make a goat tee so I can buy one. Please.