Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rapha's Rooftop vs PDW's balcony of fire

Saturday was a beautiful day. It has been pouring rain for about a month solid and Satyurday was the first day it felt like summer. No better day for a crit. We went to Rapha's rooftop to watch the race. They had a geat view of the start/finish line.
Mad wheelies
Jeremy Dunn of Embrocation and Rapha is setting out to reach for the stars.

Wish you were here
So does Sean
I spotted Eric and D Pow from Portland Design Works across the way chillin with Murph from Showers Pass. I hung out at Rapha for the CAT 3 race and the for the CAT2,1 Pro race I went to chill with them.

Roof top a bumpin

Jeremy chasing down dude out front

Dougy Fresh

By the end of

I had a dollar on yellow guy. He ended up winning because the other guy, from team Gentle Lovers, celebrated a little too early.
My new found wealth

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