Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am going Dough NUTS

So this is how my summer has been going. Truly in the last three days two big boxes of doughnuts haves showed up at the shop. Being that the majority of our employees are vegan and that 100% of the recent doughnut haul has had some sort of animal ancestry it has been left up to Nick and I to take down these beasts. Except Nick wasn't working when the last batch landed in the shop, and then there was one. Doughnuts as we all know are best when fresh so rather than allow these fried sugar delights depreciate in culinary value it was up to me to take care of the first box. Remember there is a reason why day old doughnuts are so cheap, its because they are tired. Thanks to an end of June summer sunshine fest I was able to justify this surprise jump in fried food intake. That and a complete disregard for the future of my health. I am not trying to scare off the doughnut angels out there, I applaud you and more than anything I would like to be able to share my doughnut eating experience with the whole of my cohort. If you are thinking, "Damn that 21st Avenue Bicycles is so G.D. Rad I want to bring them in some doughnuts" please do just make sure you go vegan, because most of us are trying to do our part. K

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