Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello December. Wow, the weather in Portland this fall has continued to blow me away. Clear fall light for my morning commute, thank you very much.

I plucked this from the fixed-mag website, pretty awesome.

BERLIN KEIRIN AD from Danny Baarz on Vimeo.

Reminds me of Jonathan Glazer's work,

How do you even begin, so many things to think about. If you have a bike nut to shop for then check out all the bright colored goodies we have in the shop.

Cycling caps, keep the rain out of your eyes, the wind out of your hair, and add come color to your commute. These little guys are meant to be stuffed in a jersey pocket so they shouldn't mind spending some time in a stocking.

Check out the rainbow selection of Chrome bags. Chrome bags have a lifetime warranty and have a seamless construction making them very waterproof. Oh yeah and they are spot on with their color ways.

The color train keeps on rolling, if that special some one would rather add a splash of color to a bike then a wheel set built with Velocity Deep V's is going to do that in a big way. If you buy a complete component package from us then we build the wheels for free. You save $100.00 on a custom wheel set.

If practicality is your concern then maybe some tools are in order, it hasn't started raining yet but when it does bikes take a beating, when your goal is to ride through the winter it helps if your bike is able to keep up with you.


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