Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Talk about a white Christmas. As much as I loved the snow it feels good to get back to the gray drizzle of a Portland winter. At least it makes it much easier to get to work and back.
Thanks to modern science 21st Avenue Bicycles was able to capture some rare images of 21st Ave.

Hugh engaged in a friendly snowball fight with Ling Gardens. 97209 Vs 97210- 97209 brings the icy fury.

You know when you go to a carnival or state fair and they have all those games that are impossible to win; coin toss, ring toss, that ladder on a swivel, dart toss, feats of strength, that squirt gun horse race, all designed to take your money while simultaneously shrinking your ego in front of your quickly becoming ex-future girlfriend? Hanging above all these games were the monsterous stuffed animals, tender giants to be held high, a beacon to the rest of the crowds that you have beaten the nefarious carnies at their own game, that it can be done, and on your face beams the triumphant smile of a champion. I don't know what challenges this man has faced but he carried the dog like a champion, charging blissfully through the snow.

How about this little number. The blogosphere was buzzing with news of a Nordic tracking machine laying in routes if the snow stuck around in to the new year.

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