Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hubs?! I got your hubs right here, buddy.

When you get a wheel set built up here at 21st, you get so much more than just wheels. You don't just pick out the wheel set in a line up and say, "those are the ones." like you do when you buy online. You get to communicate what you want and what kind of riding you do to the ACTUAL person who will be building them. Who knows, you may even make a friend. We are all friendly people here. Really friendly. Atlin will rub your back. He doesn't know it yet, but just ask him. I am sure he'll be down. If you buy the hubs, rims, and spokes with us the build is free. After your wheels are built and your back is rubbed, go riding. After about a month or so of riding bring them back in to get the spokes retensioned. Now ask yourself, will buying online do all that for you? Will the computer hi-five you? Will it true your wheel? Will it work out that knot in your left shoulder? I think not, my friend. I think not.

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