Wednesday, April 28, 2010

21st Avenue Bicycles Logo Design Challenge

Old Logo: not so fresh.

21st Avenue Bicycles wants a new logo; it is time for something fresh. We are calling on designers and artists in our community to help us come up with something that will be featured in our advertisements, on our website, and will be used as a sticker on every bicycle sold through the shop. Needless to say we hope the winning design will have a ton of exposure. We would not expect you to do this for free; we are going to give the winning designer $100.00, a chrome laptop sleeve, and 10% off everything in the store for the life of the logo. In addition we are interested developing relationships with artists and designers for future collaborative projects.
We want something that looks both retro and modern, with a focus on clean lines and color selection. Icons we have thought about include Mt Hood, Roses, the Columbia Gorge, one of Portland’s Bridges, Fausto Coppi, Vintage Car Racing, Jean Vuarnet to name a few. The logo needs to be visible as a small graphic, something like the size of a 50 cent piece as this will be the size of our bicycle frame stickers. The shape of the graphic is not limited to a circle but all elements need to be visible with inside a 2” by 2” square.
Required Elements; this information needs to be on the logo.
- 21st Avenue Bicycles
- 916 NW 21st. Avenue
- Portland, OR 97209
- (503) 222-2851
- Make it Awesome
Make it Awesome is our shop slogan
The Contest will end on the June 1st
All submissions need to be in by May 22nd and the top 10 logos will be chosen by 21st Avenue Staff, we will then throw an evening event to present these logos to the general public who will in turn vote to help us decide on the final logo. The final winner will be unveiled June 1st to much fan fare.
For additional information or contact us at if you have any questions
Thank you and good luck
21st Avenue Bicycles


Alec Lynch | DesignCrowd Logo Contests said...

Hey why don't you use a DesignCrowd logo contest?

gerry said...

I would enjoy birthing a website for 21st.

Anonymous said...

NO SPEC WORK is degrading to designers.

maybe I can have you, and several other bike shops, BUILD ME A NEW BIKE- or submit plans to do so- for free. I will choose who to pay after I have the plans in my possession. Even if I don't use your plan I can, consciously or non-consciously, steal the ideas.

come on...

Villiam said...

Great logos.
I like it.