Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bikes are fun...mmmmmm k

We here at 21st understand that there is more than one way to have fun on a bike. Example: see above pictures. We ride fixed gears, mountain bikes, road bike, dirt jumpers, cruisers, cross bikes, ect. I know there are a lot of people who ride ONLY fixed or ONLY road (you know who you are, Alex). I (Amanda) was one of those onlys. Fixed. That's all I wanted and living in Chicago made that an easy decision, being flat and all. Since I moved here to BEAUTIFUL Portland and started working at 21st, my eyes have seen the light. I owe much of that to Kyle and Kyle. They got me on some different bikes and in no time I was shredding the gnar and having a whole different kind of fun I didn't even know I could have (I am from Fargo, ND. There is not even one hill there). So, reader, open your mind and sweet times will follow.

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