Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting to know us: Amanda Sundvor

Ok here is the low down, Mandy Christine basically dismantles the whole system and puts in back together the way she wants it. I am talking about a wrecking machine made of laughs and character who can't help but freak us out a little, she is a scary person, scary awesome. This is one bike obsessed bird, and she runs a world renowned back yard bicycle competition carnival she calls the Backyard Blam, if your reading this then I will have to assume you have attended or at least heard of THE Gathering, well its like that but better, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better with a focus on putting the fun between your legs, that's right I mean bicycles. Hey check on these pictures of the one and only before we get into a little Q&A

Sometimes a little country

Searching for redemption

Kyle V - So Mandy Christine tell me how did you get into bicycles after spending so much of your life trying to get on to the LPGA, your a scratch player or so I have been told.
Mandy Christine - Well Cotton, after I got attacked by a tiger in Siberia I developed a wicked slice. Also, my short game suffered due to breaking my hand in an underground mixed martial arts tournament called the kumate. My opponent crushed a pill of some kind and threw it in my eyes and I had to revert back to my training where i was taught to fight wearing a blindfold. I won the fight, but my punches were so fierce that the bones in my hand couldn't with stand the brute force and broke. I was supposed to throw the fight, but I bet on myself instead and won. I had to flee the scene from angry fight promoters and I used a bike as my escape vehicle. I took some jumps and right then and there I decided to give up golf to see where this bike thing would take me.
Kyle V - Interesting... I always suspected that bloodsport was the story of your life, how was Chong-Li in real life, guy looks massive. You're a survivor and I like that, people no where you stand, for instance right now you are standing three feet behind me, plain and simple you get what you got. So here is a question, if I were to come in to the store what can I expect from Mandy Christine (note to customers her name is Mandy Christine any other name will incur a vicious spinning roundhouse or a devastating 3" punch to the esophagus)?
Mandy Christine - Bloodsport? Never heard of it. What can you expect? Excellent service and hi-fives.... not with the injured hand I mentioned before, it just kind of hangs there on the end of my arm. Try not to look at it. If I have to give bad news to a customer I like to follow it up with a compliment. For example: "your frame is bent and your bike is completely worthless, but your shoes look really good with those pants." I am not sure if other shops provide you with compliments like that. I'd like to think that is something unique I bring to 21st.
Kyle V - Thats something I have been doing for years but never to somebody else, I just gloss over the truth about myself with little points of optomism ie; your teeth still work or at least you know how to use your fingers, its these little things that keep me going even in the face of overwhelming despair, I can see how that could really brighten someone else day though I seriously doubt anyone thinks as deeply about things as I do. Mandy Christine you have a knack for getting amazing prizes for your off the hook events how do you do it, whats your secret, care to share with those would be promoters out there?
Mandy Christine - Sure. One, you have to be as awesome as I am, because when you rule like I do people give you things. Two, workout. No one wants to give things to people who don't care about fitness. That is a scientifically proven fact. Look it up... or don't. I don't care. Three, care about things.
Kyle V - You are definitely on to something with that fitness idea, I just did 150 squats and my legs don't even hurt, I have to eat while exercising just to get a work out in, there is not enough time in the day. It was nice having you sit down and answer these questions, you are one of the rare ones who is not disturbed or put off by the power grunts I let out while in the midst of my work out euphoria.

Working with Mandy Christine is a lot like this picture, if you think it is a diss on her then I want you to ask yourself who in this picture doesn't have to use her legs. WIN!

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