Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PDW's Magic Flute

Our manager and B.F.F., Kyle V., writes for Embrocation. He does the word thing really well. Recently he wrote a review on Portland Design Work's magic flute (which we have in stock and sells for $50) and it goes a little something like this:
If my name was Tamino and I was on the hunt for my ultimate and one true love, and if I were squired with a man named Papageno who though a little short on brains but big in heart was also searching for the love of his life, and we happened to be living in a fantastical sing song version of 18th century Austria then this magic flute would probably be the wrong magic flute. If I were being guided by the at once helpful and mischievous Queen of the Night towards a vile and evil foe, then I might have to look for something a little more musically oriented. It’s true, the Portland Design Works Magic Flute mini pump doesn’t expel operatic villains into an eternal and unforgiving light nor does it save heroes and heroines from trials of fire and water, but what it lacks as a LARP’ing sex symbol it will make up for the first time you are stuck in the middle of Egypt or some other unknown far away place with a flat tire.
I could go on about how this pump lets you use CO2 cartridges in addition to good old time tested arm power to inflate your tires. The PDW Magic Flute has a bamboo handle that uses hidden magnets to keep the handle snug to the pump body when not in use – but seriously that kind of talk can get to be a bit boring. The fact of the matter is that the great ideas these PDW guys have are not just focused on bicycle products.
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